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A Little About Me

A UK based amateur writer, blogger, and book reviewer, aspiring to develop

and pursue a writing career in the near future. In the meantime a bit of

background information about myself: middle aged man, widower, one grown

up son, one adorable grandson,  currently working in the transport industry.

Like most amateur and aspiring writers, working on various writing projects

which I hope to finish in the near future. Aside from writing, also have a love

of the great outdoors – walking, scrambling, climbing, road cycling & mountain

biking, and playing my saxophone ( - interests I hope to reflect in

some of my writing here on this website.


About My Writing

What to say here without embarking on a personal Odyssey?


On my website the reader will find a cross-section of my writings: short stories,

flash fiction, the occasional article and some satire, and a fair few book reviews, and last but not least, finally,

details about my first published book, an anthology of short stories in aid of the 'Forget-Me-Not' charity in aid of homeless ex servicemen and those affected by PTSD, details of which can be found at their website:


I’m sure I share many of the reasons why other people write and blog, be it aspiring and established writers showcasing their prose, photographers to share their pictures, entrepreneurs promoting their businesses, and a host of others. For some it will be an enjoyable hobby and an outlet for their creativity. For others it might be the first tentative steps of a dreamed of life-long career. But behind those common held reasons I imagine there to be many other, less obvious and personal reasons


For as long as can I remember, I’ve enjoyed writing of all kinds, anything from a short story to express an idea to something as mundane as writing an email to praise or complain about some product or service, although it really wasn't until my early twenties I began to believe I might actually be any good. But it’s only since August 2013 since I resurrected the wordpress blog I started back in February of 2012 that I’ve wanted to do more with my writing.


For many reasons, I’ve decided to take early retirement sometime in the next few years; to enjoy my many outdoor pursuits whilst still fit and healthy enough to enjoy them, but also to pursue my writing ambitions, unhindered by the constraints and obligations of full time employment. So what of this website? How does this fit into my retirement and writing in general?


In this day and age, people are living longer and healthier more active lives. The time following retirement is no longer just a short interlude before the final curtain that draws a close on us all. And whilst I’m looking forward to long lazy country walks, mountain biking through the Welsh valleys, weekends of wild camping in Scotland, climbing my favourite mountains, playing my saxophone (, and I dare say, quite a bit of baby-sitting the grand kids, I want my life to mean more than just the usual self-indulged recreational pleasures in the years to come. I want my writing to be a more permanent reflection of my life and interests; to hopefully bring an occasional moment of pleasure, not just to family and friends, but strangers who I may never meet, just as many other bloggers and aspiring writers have brought me.


In the short time I’ve been taking my blog more seriously, I’ve exchanged advice and comments with many other writers, both published and unpublished, and learned so much. Not only has my writing much improved, but also my reading; by way of the books I’ve reviewed and the many posts I’ve read, I’ve discovered and enjoyed genres I might otherwise never have given a second thought.


As we’ve seen from the many talent shows that grace our television screens, there’s a wealth of undiscovered talent out there, as good and often better than many of the established ‘artists.’ From what I’ve seen on various blogging platforms and the self-published books I’ve reviewed, I think much the same can be said of the world of writing and literature, that here lies a literary goldmine, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed – something I definitely want to be a part of, both as a reader and contributor...



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